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New Years Resolutions: Have you kept any of yours?

Written By Claire Burley -

With 2016 only just really starting, most people have great hopes of what they are going to achieve this year. Irrespective of how their last year went, with a new year comes new hopes and aspirations and new year resolutions are made to set goals so that this year turns out to be better and more productive than the year which has passed.

The History of Resolutions

The month January is named after the Roman god Janus, who had a face in the front and a face at the back (looking at the past and the future). Janus was responsible for endings and beginning and the doors that lead to places. The first signs of people keeping resolutions for the New Year began with the Romans around 200 thousand years ago where the Romans liked to think of how their previous year went by and how they want the New Year to bring for them.

How to stick to the resolution you made for the New Year

The first thing you need to do is understand that if you want to get something done, the first part of the year is just as good as any other day to do it. You shouldn't be upset if you weren't able to think of a list on the very first day of the year.

You also need to keep your goals realistic and achievable. There is no use of creating a list of resolutions you will not be able to achieve in the next couple of years. The idea is to set small targets for yourself so they appear easily achievable therefore motivate you to work harder towards your goals.

It is also a good idea to make your new year's resolution list in the order of priority. If there are multiple things you want to do this year, then you should know which one to give more importance to. Keeping a diary or a journal to write down your progress helps you record how steadily you are working towards your resolutions and help you understand the importance of doing things at the right time. Most people who successfully keep their new year's resolutions keep just one goal in mind throughout the year which helps them achieve it. It's basically about knowing what you want and doing all it takes to get it.

Why keep New Year's resolutions, anyway?

Since most resolutions are about things of personal importance like self improvement or getting to a certain point in your career, working towards them keeps a purpose in your life.

Making New Year's resolutions are a great way to start the year because it sort of makes a list of the things you want to achieve. Sticking to a new year's resolution gives you a purpose throughout the year. Achieving something you have worked for gives you a lot of happiness and satisfaction. What other reasons can you think of to keep your new year's resolution?

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