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What made you fall in love with your home? Top reasons revealed.

Written By Claire Burley -

What made you fall in love with your home? Top reasons revealed.

There are several factors that determine why someone may like their property (or any property, for that matter). Many things combine to give you the ideal curb appeal so whether you want to sell your property and determine its selling price or if you want to buy property and don't know what to look for to buy a home you would absolutely love, you should take a look at the following:

The Location

For most people, the location is the first thing they look at when choosing their new home. The property needs to be located in an area that looks good and is conveniently located near schools, work place, the market or grocery stores or near the homes of friends and family. In most cases, the location also determines the kind of neighbours you will have and often the location also comes with certain facilities and advantages such as parks or parking spaces etc.

The location is, therefore a very important part of the overall package that determines why someone loves their home.

The Appearance

Like (almost) everywhere else in life, looks matter in the property market too. For the buyer, the property needs to be visually appealing both on the outside and the inside. Many people dream of living in a beautiful home, and so naturally, one of the most prominent reasons why someone may choose a property is because of how it looks.

The Size

An ideal home needs to be spacious enough to accommodate everyone in the family, if not have spare room for when extended family comes to visit for the holidays. If the house is too small, then living in may not be comfortable enough, if it's too larger, its most likely going to cost you more as you are paying for extra space you probably don't need.

The Safety Factor

Nobody wants to live in an unsafe neighbourhood, and so when choosing a property they intend to make home, prospective buyers consider how safe living in the area will be before they make their final decision.

The Budget

All the factors we have mentioned above combine to determine the selling price of a property. In order to live in a home that fits all your needs, you need to determine your budget. The budget is the key factor that limits the choice of buyers as it filters the properties available in the market to those that a buyer may find affordable.

The money people have to pay for maintaining, or renting a home has a lot to do with how happy they are living in their home.

While these are just some of the main things that people love about their homes, what most people really love about their homes is the homely feeling they get when they are at home. The smell of home cooked food in the kitchen, the people you love and the cosy feel you get when you go sleep in your bed at night.

It's because of these things that when at the end of the day, when you ask someone what they love about their home: they would simply say "its home."

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