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Is your property not selling? Here's what to do.

Written By Claire Burley -

Is your property not selling? Here's what to do.

There are times when the best laid plans just don't work out. You might have done everything you can to sell your property, but sometimes fate just isn't on your side and your property hasn't attracted enough interest among buyers despite it being up for sale for a considerable period of time (anything more than 18 months is too long). Here are a few things you can do if your property is not selling:

Change your Estate Agent

Call English Homes! Your home might not be selling because your estate agent isn't giving it enough importance or time, it is always worth finding a new estate agent for the job. It is natural that some agents tire of a property they just can't sell, a fresh approach injected with energy and passion is just maybe what you are missing! We work tirelessly with our properties and clients to reach the desired end result, this doesn't stop when we sell your property either as the progression of the sale can sometimes be even more trying! We are experts in our field, specialist and bespoke with a smaller portfolio of properties which allows us to understand why any property might not be selling and find solutions (which usually tend to work..). Contact us on 01158 820 448 at your convenience, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Improve its appearance and listen to buyer's feedback

Do you think your property requires maintenance? Can you do something to improve how it looks? Do you think it is a little cluttered? Do you have interesting colour schemes throughout the house? Have other viewers told you as much? Good looking properties are sold much more easily than property which gives the impression that it might need work. By giving a little time (and possibly spending a little money) to make your property look better, will inevitably improve the chances of it getting sold.Maybe you should take some time to read the articles linked to the bottom of this article, you may find them helpful too.

Maybe you should take some time to read the article linked to the bottom of this article, you may find it helpful. We also have experts who can assist you any improvements (no matter how small) that you may wish to make. We will personally also advise you honestly of what we think would improve the sale of your home.

Advertise with an actual Estate Agent

A few people these days are trying 'online estate agents' and foregoing a fee to sell their property themselves. Why, we ask? It is a stressful period and having support, knowledge and skills from a highly professional team will go a long way in finding you that elusive buyer. English Homes specialise in working closely with individual properties and their owners to find that perfect buyer, it may not happen overnight, but we get there in the end! High value properties should especially not be advertised with a 'cheap' online agent, it only serves to make you and your property look cheap. Which is not the ideal first impression you want to make to a discerning buyer.

Revise your marketing technique

Is your marketing the best it can be? Were your photos taken by a professional photographer? Has your agent spent time advertising the very best features of your home or apartment rather than just making it look like every other property they are selling?  We know that every property and every client is unique, and we put the extra effort into ensuring your property is advertised in the best possible fashion.

Should you put up a For Sale sign outside your home? Do what you can to reach out to more people; it will improve your chances of getting a deal.

Consider lowering the price

Most tend to be overambitious and ask for a very high price for their property. This is natural however the first thing you need to do when pricing your home is to revalue the market rates. If you put up a higher price than the rates, then you should have a very good reason for doing so. For example, you may have recently installed a superb new bathroom, or you are confident your plot size is larger than a property nearby which is for sale. Or finally that you are 'testing the waters' to see if there are any buyers out there looking at a specific value. If not, then you should definitely considering lowering your asking price to a more realistic amount.

For any advice, no matter how small, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01158 820 448

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